In loving memory of Chris Skarstad

(a.k.a. Toonhead)

May 11th, 1971 to October 29th, 2017

Rest in peace!

We here at Sky 106 would like to commemorate the life and legacy of Chris Skarstad, affectionately known as Toonhead. He was born May 11th, 1971 and died October 29th, 2017, due to heart complications. His biggest ambition was to bring an internet radio station that believed in good old fashion fun and entertain those around him and do so in an environment that made everyone feel welcome and apart of the family. Unfortunately, this cannot happen and the DJ's here at Sky 106 have moved on. However, we will continue to honor his memory for the life of the domain and send our deepest condolences to his family and friends. After his death, it has brought us closer together and reminds us that life is precious and our future endeavors may take us on different paths, but our hearts will always be with Sky 106 or even it's predecessor, 20/20 The Blink!


"I was born May 11th, 1971 in Kankakee IL and have been driving people nuts ever since! Seriously, I've been at this broadcasting thing since 1999 and it's been lots of fun! I'm pretty much like everyone else here. I love to broadcast of course, but I also love playing games, chatting with friends, eating good food and just really enjoying life."

We can truly say that Chris is flying high, probably looking down on us and enjoying the variety out of the clear blue sky!
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